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A Commitment to

Quality fruit and

From growing to packing, all our products undergo exhaustive checks, backed by Quality and Zero Residue Certifications, to guarantee safety.


We have 900 hectares in certified production, where our farmers and technicians select and cultivate the best varieties of fruit and vegetables, following strict protocols to minimize environmental impact and optimize management of natural resources.


We see ongoing improvement of quality systems as part of sustainable development, ensuring traceability processes, biological control, food safety, good social practices and respect for the environment.

Quality from source and efficiency
in all processes

Indasol is a modern company with more than 30 years experience and a team of professionals qualified to fulfil our main objective: to offer maximum quality from source and efficiency in all processes.


The Quality System we have in place at Indasol S.A.T. is certified by AGROCOLOR and endorsed by certifications such as BRC 2008, IFS 2007 and UNEGAP.

All our products are currently certified with the UNEGAP standard for biological pest control. This seal means “quality and zero residue certification”, providing transparency and assurance in marketing.